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Posted By admin on 01/03/12 - Bookmark Cute Tabby


While Sara was growing up she always had big crushes on older guys in her life. Her brother was much older than she was so while he was in high school, she was already crushing on his friends before she even hit junior high!

This obsession with older guys continued throughout Sara’s childhood and by the time she turned 18 years old she was ready to test the limits of her desire to fuck older men. But she had no idea just how far she would eventually allow her desire to take her!

One day when she was visiting a friend of hers she met her friends grandfather and couldn’t believe the feelings he was stirring in her pussy. Could it even be possible, she thought?

After several more visits it became obvious to gramps what was going on. This little teenage girl wanted his cock and she wasn’t taking no for an answer. So what is a gentleman supposed to do? Leave her sexually repressed?

When his granddaughter left the room gramps asked Sara if she would like to go to his house and watch some movies. She couldn’t believe he was actually interested in her. Surely he had been with dozens of girls and it just seemed so odd that he would find her attractive. Or… Maybe he actually wanted to watch movies? Only one way to find out!

Once they got to his house he made them some drinks and it made Sara feel pretty grown up. He asked her what kinds of movies she liked to watch and she rattled off a few before he cut her off stating he didn’t have anything like that. So Sara suggested he pick and surprise her with something.

He put in an episode of Gramps on Teens and hoped it wouldn’t shock her too bad. Hell, if he got lucky, she might want to act out a few scenes!

Right away Sara realized what kind of movie this was based on the crappy music. Then she spied his cock and noticed it was already pitching a tent and nobody in the movie was even naked yet. This made her pussy instantly get moist.

Sara asked gramps if she could sit next to him incase there were any scary parts and he made some room for her next to him on the couch. By accident Sara’s skirt rode way up her legs and her panties were completely visible. This made gramps cock twitch, which made Sara giggle, so gramps made it twitch on command eliciting another giggle from the little girl.

"You can touch it if you want. It won’t bite you." Gramps offered.

Sara slowly inched her hand towards his cock and just as she got there he made it twitch again. She yelped and pulled her hand away like it was some kind of snake or something. He rubbed her back and shoulders brining her closer to him and reassuring her it didn’t bite.

This time when Sara reached out to play with it he didn’t make it move and she came in contact with his raging hard on.

"It is really big." Sara said in amazement. Not even knowing she was talking out loud.

Gramps undid his zipper and fly allowing his cock to spring out of the tight confines. Sara slowly wrapped her hand around it noticing how hot and hard it was. Precum was already coming out of gramp’s cock head and Sara wondered what it tasted like.

She rubbed her finger into his precum and brought the clear liquid up to her mouth. It didn’t taste like anything she had ever tasted before and more importantly, it didn’t taste bad. Then she felt gramps head on the back of her head pushing her down to taste it right from the source. Without too much of a fight on her part, Sara found herself face to face with gramps meaty cock!

Once her tongue hit his cock a lot of precum came out of it and he pushed her head farther down until his cock was almost at the back of her throat. Sara had seen many blowjob scenes before while watching her brother’s porno tapes so she was actually looking forward to trying to make gramps feel as good as the guys did in the pornos!

Sara slid off of the couch onto her knees between gramps legs and began emulated the girls she had seen in the pornos. After a minute of this gramps reminded her about her teeth and after that Sara started blowing gramps cock like a pro!

Several minutes went by and Sara was beginning to wonder if she would run out of moves. If she did run out, would gramps get bored? Instead of getting bored gramps came to the end of his rope. It was time to blow his load and he wasn’t sure if Sara knew sperm would come out of his cock so, being a gentleman, he pulled her face up to warn her.

Not having any of that Sara brought her head back down and she began deepthroating the old geezer. Now he was sure she had some experience with this sort of thing and he fired his guns right now her throat!

Sara hadn’t tasted cum before and was surprised to find that it tasted just like everyone said it did… salty! Maybe this is why her grandpa always referred to other guys his age as, "You old salty dog!"

Being that Sara liked the taste of salt and put it on just about everything, she eagerly slurped up every last drop of his man goo. Gramps couldn’t believe his lucky stars. He continued to share his movie collection with this little fuck bunny for many years. She even brought him friends that were curious about fucking older men!

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